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The many faces of Choi Siwon


The many faces of Choi Siwon


"New Youth" interview with Sina | cr: sina

Zhou Mi Radio Interview about Super Junior
Did the members do anything that touched you?:
ZM: Every year during Lunar New year, I can’t go back home, I have to stay in Korea. It is lonely. There was a year, Siwon called me, I think it was 2 years ago. He said ‘I will bring you and Henry out for a meal’. At that time everyone was on holiday and went home. So he brought Henry, Amber and me out for a meal, I felt so warm then.
DJ: Where did he bring you for the meal?
ZM: BBQ meat.. hahaha… Everyone loves it.
Ryeowook likes to cook, we had a long stay in Beijing and we lived in a dorm. He will go to the market everyday.
DJ: But his Chinese is so so only.
ZM: He still doesn’t speak Chinese at that time. So he will just say ‘mm.. mm.. how much?’ Hahaha.. so he bought lots of ingredients like vegetables to cook for us. Like Pumpkin porridge and kimchi pie. We normally do make up in the dorm to rush for schedules and he will cook in the morning. But everyone has already put on make up so we didn’t eat much. Because it will affect the make up and we have to brush our teeth again. So each time he cooked and we didn’t… finish the food. And it upsets him, he gets angry.
Did the members do anything to support your book?
ZM: They are really sweet. Like previously I had my booksign event and Siwon asked me for the booksign details, the location and the time. He wanted to help me promote it on his twitter. But we had many schedules and I forgot to send it to him. Kekeke.. Sorry Siwon.
DJ: Siwon.. is he the one that connects the members together? Keep all of you in touch?
ZM: Keeping in touch, actually we all keep in touch. In Korea we have this Kakaotalk and we have our own chatroom. So everyone will leave messages there and chat. Every member has their own schedule so they will leave a message in there (about their schedule).
Do you keep in touch with the members in the army?
ZM: Yes.. Yesung just enlisted.. it’s not even two months yet so he is still training hard now. And Heechul is coming back soon so I am really happy. I do meet him in between but it is not as often as before his enlistment so I hope he will come back quickly and join in Super Show.
What about Leeteuk?
ZM: I meet Leeteuk sometimes too. But he is really incredible. Even though he is in the army, he still watches out for Super Junior’s activities, including SJM’s activities. He will then send us advices. Like sometimes he saw it on TV and he will tell us ‘I think your clothes can be nicer’
ZM: Yes because he is the leader so he is very concerned about all the members. He said things like ‘this song can be arranged better’ or like our choreos… Wow it is like he has never enlisted. Like he is closely watching our activities.
Zhoumi said that Leeteuk watches them so closely that it’s like he was never enlisted. So proud of leader nim ^^
What about Sungmin?:
ZM: Sungmin is really quiet.
DJ: Oh? But he is a DJ.
ZM: He is more active when he is on broadcast but in real life he is more quiet. However he will still chat with you if you talk to him. He is quite opinionated.
Who are you closest with?:
ZM: Heechul hyung.
DJ: Really?
ZM: Yes, he asks me out for meals often. Even after he enlisted he still asked me out for meals. And Heechul is really amazing. He really likes Chinese people. Not only me, including the other Chinese artistes in the company, he contacts them.
16 - 19/25 Cho Kyuhyun

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「RIDE ME」Donghae & Eunhyuk 
「RIDE ME」Donghae & Eunhyuk